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Doing the ‘do – Just because

Just because my hair was looking particularly cute today and I don’t have a dang thing to do this cold January night, I’ve decided to post some pictures of my ‘do. You’ve seen this one before — I just added some hair jewellery. The same jewellery that I wore on Tuesday when I was trying to disguise my updo that was totally falling apart.

But, thankfully, it looks good today 🙂 Check it out below…

Tomorrow, I’m thinking about doing a twist out (so much for keeping my hair in protective styles until April). On the weekend, I’m thinking of blowing it out and twisting on dry hair. It’ll show off some of the length and give me a different look. I’m hoping to keep that in for at least two weeks… we’ll see how my scalp acts 😉

Stay warm, folks! It’s extra cold outside.


13 thoughts on “Doing the ‘do – Just because”

  1. I want to see the pics with your hair falling apart. Its no good to always see your hair lookly cute and neat like it does in the pic. Loving the hair jewellery…can I place an order for one. Let’s reward me with it when I have gotten to the end of this transition journey:) On a serious note, is that a twist out or a two strand twist. I’m starting to get the names but I’m still not sure what style they produce….bear with me 🙂

    You look like a teenager, all of 16 in the last pic.

    1. I’m too shame to take pictures when I look like a hot mess. One day I will — when I’m more secure. I got my hair jewellery at Etcetera and it was cheap! I think I got five for $5 or something like that.

      These are two strand twists that I chinee bumped. When I take out the bumps, this is what I’m left with. I find the two strand twists — without doing something to the — don’t look as cute. Tomorrow, if I get out of bed early enough, I’ll untwist and rock a twist out… but we’ll see about that. I rarely get up early enough to do anything serious with my hair.

      Aww, gee, thanks! I may look 16, but some days my body feels all of its age 😉

  2. Lady, you know your hair is the CUTENESS in those pics right? I love it! the headband is sweet, compliments the style very well;-)

  3. I have no idea what or where Etcetera is but I’ll talk to you about that when I’m in need of one.

    I don’t blame you for not putting up pics when your hair is a “hot mess”…I wouldn’t either. Some things must remain behind close doors.

    Hope the twist out are looking as fly as the pics above.
    Thanks for being a style dictionary.

    1. Etcetera is an accessory store in Eaton Centre. Super cute, super cheap accessories. If you have a chance to get down there, check it out.

      Alas, I was too lazy this morning to do the twist out 😉 I had to rock the curly twists again today.

      LOL @ style dictionary! Just trying — and having some fun!

  4. Awww, aren’t you the cutest!!! This ‘do does right by you Sis. I love it. I might just have to snag it….;) The headband gives it an extra vintage twist…..Perfect!

    1. Hi Angel — it’s easy. After you do your two-strand twist and while your hair is still damp, take a couple of twist (5 or 6) and twist them over each other, like you’re doing a two-strand with them. After that, twist the hair onto itself and you’ll make a bump or corkscrew. If your hair is damp, you won’t need to use anything to make them hold. If they open, use bobby pins to secure the ends. Check out this video — she does it on loose hair:

      Hope this helps!

  5. The hardest thing is to try… just try on a day where you’re not going anywhere or you’re going somewhere where they don’t mind hats 😉 Let me know how it turns out.

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