Customer appreciation days at HoneyFig!

Now, you all know how much I love me some HoneyFig. This is the spot where I order my products — their shipping prices are decent and the store is great. So, imagine me almost shrieking in my very quiet office when I read about their customer appreciation days?

Check the details:

This week, starting Thursday, April 8th , 9th and 10th, HoneyFig will be having customer appreciation days. 15% off of your purchase. Just to say thank you for being a HoneyFig customer.


15% is taxes folks and if I don’t have to pay for taxes, I ain’t paying for taxes.

I just joined HoneyFig’s Facebook page (who knew?) and hopefully, I’ll be up on all of their great discounts, news on new products and store events.

Enjoy! Visit their site at www.honeyfig.com.


2 thoughts on “Customer appreciation days at HoneyFig!”

  1. Not a bad deal. Too bad, I’m currently [always] broke.
    But I’ll have to remember to check them out one day…

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