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My Friday Favourite Thing #1

This week starts the first in a new series, My Friday Favourite Thing! If your hair looks good, but the rest of you is lacking, then really, what’s the point?

So, I decided to start highlighting my favourite things and some will have to do with hair, but you’ll also get to hear what I think about things like makeup, body care products and more. Maybe, once I get really comfortable doing these, I’ll consider doing hair videos… but if you’ve trolled through You.Tube, you know that there are hundreds are really talented vloggers.

Do we really need another one?

Anyhow, enjoy this week’s Friday Favourite Thing!

(Really You.Tube? That screen capture is brutal.)

6 thoughts on “My Friday Favourite Thing #1”

  1. I love this ! such a great idea. Now, we have a face and voice to your lovely blog. Can’t wait to hear whats on for next friday. Thanks for sharing this , sounds great! have a lovely weekend. Take care.


  2. Mmmm…. Good idea, left me wondering….
    How often does one shave under-arms?
    I am single & went thru all winter without shaving… I know…. gross…. But my underarms had a good time to recover & I hope no-one saw them, lol.
    Just started shaving again as we have gone into the summer months here in Africa & my under-arms are feeling raw even though its the 3rd day & got to shave again tomorrow!!
    Will now concentrate on after care, like perhaps using one of those natural oils, food for thought.
    Thanks for the video it was excellent!

    1. Shaving can make your armpits raw — especially if you’re doing it frequently. I agree with you — aftercare is key. I assume it’s just like when men shave their faces — you need to put something on that will cool the rawness. Maybe some aloe vera gel or use a deodorant that has moisturizers within? I think the Schick Intuition did the job because it already contained moisturizers that helped my skin recover after shaving.

      Girl, not shaving during winter isn’t gross — it’s life. Trust me, when I was single, my armpits didn’t see a razor until spring 😉

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