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Has anyone tried Morrocco Method shampoo?

Posted on: March 2, 2011

I was searching around last night for shampoos that do not contain any coconut-based products and I came across Morrocco Method shampoos that are all natural AND look like, from the ingredient list that I read don’t have coconut.


I also found it for sale at my favourite spot, Honey Fig. Woo hoo!

Before I purchase anything, I want to find out if any of you natural or relaxed ladies out there have used the products and what you thought about them. Let me know!

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4 Responses to "Has anyone tried Morrocco Method shampoo?"

They sound good…i’d prolly wash my face with it, too! LOL everything i use these days causes breakouts. I say go for it. If you’re worried, I’ll go half on one with you. sounds pretty safe.

Honey Fig has a trial pack with four shampoos. I’ll go half with you. Check the link here:

uh…second glance at the ingredients

The apple cider version has almond oils in it.
Sea Essence and Pine Shale I wouldn’t be able to use…sesame oils.

Heavenly Chi and Earth essence, however, might not kill me.

May all work for you, though!

And I thought my allergies were bad, shoot.

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