Need some product? HoneyFig’s having a sale!

April is HoneyFig’s customer appreciation month. Yay for customers ’cause that means a discount!

Here’s the email that I received:

April is our customer appreciation month. We plan, preen and prepare our way, into this wonderful month, to welcome the true meaning of what makes HoneyFig so special… you.

As a way of saying thanks, for the entire month of April all products and services are eligible for 15% off. Use Promo Code: youandfig to save 15% on all purchases. We will also be adding some value added incentives throughout the month; so stay tuned and once again – Thank You for making HoneyFig a wonderful experience.

The HoneyFig Team

Personally, I’m good with what I have and I’m not planning to buy anything, but if you need some shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc., check ’em out. Get that spring regimen underway.

4 thoughts on “Need some product? HoneyFig’s having a sale!”

  1. I love it when they have sales when I have no money 😦
    This would be a good time to try that Oyin Hair Dew and Darcy Botanical’s products…

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