The Accidental Natural featured on Canadian Curlies!

Another thing that happened this summer was that I was featured on Canadian Curlies! Cool, huh?

It’s always nice when other bloggers want to hear your story and share it with their subscribers. B-Curlie graciously featured me in September and I wanted to post this earlier, but… well, you understand if you read my earlier post. Anyhoo, check it out here, check out Canadian Curlies and visit her blog regularly! It’s full of great content and features.


6 thoughts on “The Accidental Natural featured on Canadian Curlies!”

  1. I see 2011 is your year. Keep up the good work. My hair and my broom thank you for past product recommendations. My hair because it is absolutely healthy, and my broom because I no longer have to sweep up so much shed! : ).

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