HoneyFig ‘Double Up 10% off’ sale

Hey all!

I haven’t bought from the folks at HoneyFig for a long time, but they are having a sale for those of you who are interested. Check it out:

Double Up 10% Off Sale!!!

Promo Code – DoubleUp

When life throws you challenges… Double Up.
Between the crazy weather, shortage of skus from our suppliers and lets just face it the shroud of glum, that this season always seem to dish out; we decided to have a Double Up Sale party.

Nothing better to get you out of the funk, than a good old Double Up, jam session! Jive to your favourite groove, while you purchase your products; but, don’t forget to add the 10% off Promo Code “DoubleUp” for all online purchases.

BTW – This also includes the items that are already on sale. Yep, double up on your savings; while quantities last.

Our February 10% promo is applied to all Beauty@HoneyFig services.

See HoneyFig’s “News” page, for listings on current sales that you can “Double Up” on.

Get your Double Up groove on… and Happy Valentines!

Your friends @ HoneyFig


Bad salon practices…


There is a reason why I hate salons.

Not all salons, just the badly managed ones.

I had made an appointment with the salon that had straightened my hair for March 7 back in December. I decided to loc my hair, so that appointment is no longer needed. So I called the salon to cancel. Here’s the conversation:

Me: “Hi! I’m calling to cancel my appointment.”

Receptionist: “Oh. OK. What date was the appointment?”

Me: “March 7.”

Receptionist: “Hold on a sec… Oh. Do you know that this is the downtown location?”

Me: “No. I called the Scarborough number.”

Receptionist: “Oh. Our Scarborough location recently closed.”

Me: “Oh. So I guess I don’t have to cancel the appointment.”

Receptionist: “No.”

If this salon “recently” closed why couldn’t someone call me and let me know? If I didn’t have that information and hadn’t decided to loc my hair, I would have carted myself to their locked, empty Scarborough salon and found myself in a very unpleasant mood when there was no one around to do my hair.

Especially when I know I can do it myself.

I’ve seen this mess happen too many times. The salon closes or your stylist decides to leave and no one says anything – until you show up to a sign on the door or a shocked looking receptionist/owner who doesn’t know what to do with you. This is one of the reasons I like doing my own hair. As time consuming as it is, I’m in control of the situation.

Salons, if you do close for unforeseen reasons and can’t tell your clients in advance, the least you can do is call and let us know so we can make alternate arrangements. 


Loc’ing it up!

First of all, happy Valentines Day to those of you who celebrate it. As I always say: “if it’s a real holiday, give me the day off.” Since I’ve had the entire year off, I guess I should hush my mouth and eat a chocolate. Anyhoo, here’s the post 🙂

Over the past year, I haven’t had the energy/time/interest to do much with my hair. Any extra time that I had, I was passed out somewhere fast asleep. When Boo Boo was three months old – and before my hair turned into a big loc – I decided to go to a hair salon and do something with it. Now, this wasn’t the salon that I normally would go to when I got my hair professionally done. This salon was significantly closer to home. With a really small baby, getting home quickly was a benefit. 

Sometimes, going where you know and getting your hair done by people you trust is more important. 

I decided to get it blown out straight.


I thought it looked awesome. And there was no heat damage! So, I was beside myself with happiness. I went back in September to get a natural style done. The fam and I were heading to Las Vegas for my mother-in-law’s birthday and I wanted a style that would stand up to the heat and the dryness of the desert.


Hair looked awesome again.

Just before Christmas, my mom decided to treat me to another salon visit. I had had two good experiences, so I assumed that I was going to have another one. Instead of the stylist I booked, the owner of the salon decided to do my hair. The first time I straightened my hair at this salon, I made it very, very clear that I wear my hair kinky. I have no interest in heat styling or anything like that. Again, I reiterated that with the owner. He assured me that he was going to hook me up with some serious heat protectant.

This is how my hair ended up:


Nice, right? Until I washed it. Sigh. I had damage y’all. I was disappointed. The owner said that I should come in every three months (right) to straighten my hair so they could deal with any damage.

No lie, my hair was a bit raggedy, but I know why: I wasn’t paying it any mind and I was experiencing good ol’ post-partum shedding. Even though that was the case, my hair was kinky and that’s what I wanted.

The heat damage isn’t horrific – not by a long shot, but my hair in general just doesn’t feel right. 

This is one of the major reasons I’ve decided to loc it up. I mean, I’ve wanted to loc my hair for years and years, but I wanted to see what my hair could do loosely natural. So, now it’s time for something new.

I made my appointment for March 7.

So, we’ll see. I’m excited!


Next step in my natural journey

Finally, another post! They’ll come more frequently, I promise.

I’ve been natural for going five years and I’m bored. I haven’t been doing anything special with my hair. Actually it’s been in kinky twists for a good five weeks.

My hair reached bra strap length and I got it trimmed back to somewhere between my shoulders and bra strap. So I reached my hair length goal.

Now I need a change. I’m either gonna cut it or get locs…and im leaning towards locs. I was going to do it for my 40th birthday, but I’m getting the itch early.

What do you guys think?


Been a long time!

Yes, a year.

A year since I last posted anything.

But what a year it’s been! I haven’t been doing anything with my hair. Since having my daughter – who is now a nine-month-old bundle of energy – I haven’t really had the time to do much besides some two-strand twists and buns. Now that she’s getting older and gives me a little more time, I’m hoping to blog again in 2013.

Here’s a picture of us and my hair (unfortunately, Boo Boo is still pretty much bald :() Oh, and my hair is just blown out straight – no chemicals.


Merry Christmas and see you in 2013!

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Hair growth & HoneyFig sale

I promised a hair post last week and here it is – a few days late!

I was sitting at my desk a couple of days ago and twirling my hair. I know, it’s a bad habit, but when your hair is feeling soft and supple, bouncy and healthy, it’s kinda hard to keep your hands out of it. While I was playing around a shed hair came out. I know it’s a shed one because it had the white ball on the end. No knots and no splits – thanks to the hair cut I gave myself in November.

Anyhow, here’s a picture.

Double-click to make it a little easier to see. Yes, 10 inches - let's celebrate little milestones!

Look at that! Ten inches of hair from the side of my head – a known trouble spot for me! Yay! I’m taking OK care of my hair (being tired a lot has stopped me from really doing what I’d like to), but keeping it simple hasn’t hurt… and some good pregnancy hormones!

HoneyFig’s Most Wonderful Time of the Year – One Day Sale!

Look what arrived in my inbox this morning:

Most Wonderful Time of the Year – One Day Sale!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Tis’ the season here at HoneyFig, and in lieu, we would like to commence the holidays with a HoneyFig event – “Most Wonderful Time of the Year – One Day Sale!”

To thank you, our customers for your continuous support this year, we would like to invite you to save 20% off all items * in the store and online, on Wednesday, December 21, 2011; while quantities last. To help you to enjoy the savings our store will be open 8am – 8pm on that one day; so come early for best selection.

To add a little flavor to the day… come out and meet with Jessica McGuinty, the creator of Jessicurl as she will be in store on, Wednesday December 21st from 5pm-8pm. Come on out and enjoy our:

“Most Wonderful Time of the Year – One Day Sale!”

  • Date: Wednesday December 21st, 2011; 8am -8pm
  • Location: HoneyFig 4967 Yonge St., Toronto, ON and www.honeyfig.com
  • Contact Info: 416-226-2100 and email@honeyfig.com
  • Meet and Greet: Jessica McGuinty 5pm-8pm

20% OFF sale: ALL DAY (while quantities last)

*20% OFF Deal does not apply to Miss Jessie’s BOGO products and Kinky Curly Curling Custard 16 OZ

[Edited to add:] I just got a message from Khadija of HennaSooq: “Extra note, myself, Khadija and Jamal of Henna Sooq will also be at Honey Fig from 5 pm to 8 pm during that sale and promotion. We’ll be there taking your questions and giving consultations. Thanks again!” So, if you need some henna help and more, this is the place to be if you live in the GTA!

Too bad I’ll be working 😦

Enjoy naturalistas and relaxed girls!


OT: All I want for Christmas

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Today is a bit of a stressful day for me.

A year ago, this Tuesday (the actual date was December 14) I got a call that my dad was rushed to the hospital. He suffered a stroke. My family spent the next month in the hospital with my dad before he was transferred to a rehab centre.

Thank God, he’s doing well. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts — I know my virtual family was wishing us the best. He’s been a home since February and he’s troublesome and surly as ever. (If you know my dad, you’d know that these are his normal traits.)

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, my phone rang. My heart jumped. My stomach immediately got sick. It was my father-in-law – the same person who called me a year ago to tell me that my dad was at the emergency. Guy, I nearly fainted. I took a seat on the stairs and gave the phone to my husband.

Sad news, a close family friend had passed away after a long illness.

Something about this Tuesday…

Anyhow, as we prepare for the holidays, let’s not forget to spend time with the people we love. You know what? Don’t even wait for the holidays. Make every day with them count. Even on the days when I want to choke my parents because they are being unreasonable, lawless or miserable, I thank God that they are still with me.

We were talking about gifts and gift-giving for this Christmas and I really couldn’t think of anything that I want besides healthy, safe and happy friends and family. If that’s all I get, I’m good. So, my grown up Christmas wish is that everyone – including you, faithful readers or someone who stumbles across this blog this holiday season – has God’s blessing on their lives this holiday and in 2012.

Hair post to come 🙂